All plans come with...

Unlimited Exports per Project

When you pay for a video project, you are entitled to unlimited number of revisions (read exports) in the project. Remember, you ought to push your video on all channels with the right tweaks!

No Duration Limits

You can create videos of any duration using Typito. But keep in mind that marketing videos are always best when they are below 2 minutes! Read more about it here.

Preview on the Go

Edit experience on Typito gives you real-time preview of how the final video looks like. Bye bye to bad surprises when you export your video.

Full HD Videos

Publish Full HD videos (1080p) with Typito so that you don't have to compromise on quality.

Free Motion Graphic Templates

Get your hands on our library of curated Adobe After Effects grade motion graphics at a click! And what's cool about them? They are all free!

Branding across Projects

You can save all your brand elements - logo, titles, lower thirds, social media cards - and use them across your projects with a click. Read more.

Social Uploads in a Click

Upload your video on Facebook and YouTube in a jiffy with our Social Media upload integrations. They will save you a lot of time!

5GB Workspace per Project

Upload upto 5GB of media files (images and footages) to bring your video to life.

Square Video support

You can transform your video into square with a click so that your video is ready for Social Platforms in no time.

Common Questions

How do I pay for a plan?

Click on any of the Buy buttons to initiate your payment. We use Stripe to process payments. It support all major credit and debit cards and we do not ever store your card details. So no worries about your card's safety :).

Am I paying for a video or a project?

You are paying for a project. Once the branding is removed for a project, you can have any number of exports for the project. We have creators different variants of the same video on multiple platforms. Eg. square video for Facebook, widescreen video for YouTube.

Can I trial Typito before paying?

You can create unlimited video projects for free with Typito branding. You can pay $5 to remove the branding for a project or upgrade to another plan to buy a pack of projects. Also, to get started you get $15 credits which can be used to pay for videos or buy monthly subscription plans.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. If you do, you'll be downgraded to the FREE plan, where you can still create videos for free but with Typito branding.

How do Plan Upgrades and Downgrades work?

When you upgrade, your current plan gets lapsed and the new plan is initiated immediately. Downgrade comes into effect only after your existing monthly plan gets expired.

When will I get billed?

You will be charged immediately upon subscribing and then every month after that on the same date. You will be getting an invoice sent to your email address whenever a payment is made.

What is your refund policy?

Typito is built as a pay-as-you-go service so you can pay a reasonable subscription fee without committing on a life time purchase. This also means that it is difficult to refund payments after customers have used the service for a few days. We do not have a refund policy, however if you believe your case is an outlier and deserves a refund, please write to us at and we will figure out what can be done :).

How long does it take to learn Typito?

It's a no brainer if you've already used other design tools like Canva and video editors like iMovie. For others, we've setup a small Help center on the right side of the screen where you can find answers to most of the queries and also chat with us online to resolve issues.